hello people. my name is connor and i'm a renegade kiwi. ???
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Do you meditate?


i have meditated occasionally. i wish I could tell you I was a practiced and consistent meditator, but my spiritual philosophy vs my lifestyle is the biggest hypocrisy on planet earth. thank you for your interest.

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for a lonely person, it’s funny how much i want to be alone for a day or like, ever.

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wouldnt it be cool to just like not feel nervous about everything all the time

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it perplexes me that scientifically we accept the solidity of our space is an illusion, yet some believe that our conscious experience of that holographic space means nothing at all.. i want nothing more than to be a reverse nihilist, but bitches be dragging me down. i wish we spent more time as a collective finding answers to the question of existence than getting caught up in all the petty shit.

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